Problem with security tables?

I created a new schema in mySQL, then created a new connection in Ignition config. I then created a new User Source in Security/Users, Roles. I selected the Database type security and selected my new schema as the database to use. In the ‘Automatic Mode’ section where it asks for the Tablename prefix, I cleared the box so it would not add a prefix. The User Source was added sudccesfully.

I added one user so it would generate the tables and then went to the new schema in mySQL and looked at the tables. They all had the scada_ prefix even though I cleared that box in the configuration.

I tried this same procedure two more times by deleting the User Source and then dropping all the tables in the schema. Each time it put the scada_ prefix on all the tables again. It appears that it ignores the fact that you don’t want a prefix and puts one anyway.

I decided I would just do it in manual mode, as we are going to make our own user and role administration window. But then I got to thinking about the other tables, i.e. the user_ci and user_ex tables. If they are created manually, with other names for the tables, is this going to break something?

Forgot to add this also. I submitted a support email about this and got a reply to ask the question of what type authentication we are using. I replied that we are using the database type, but have heard nothing more since.

We created a new mySQL schema for the project security tables and created a new User Source that pointed to that schema. Then we set our project properties to use that User Source for the Authentication Profile.

When we first bring up Ignition in the morning, when you get the first login prompt, you enter your username and password and it immediately clears both boxes and sits there. You have to enter both the username and password again and then it happily logs you on.

Any subsequent logins during the day work as they should. I have closed the designer and the Ignition web page and then opened the web page again and it works correctly.

I restart my PC every evening when I leave, so in the morning, it is all cleared out. I just thought about it while writing this and will restart my PC now and see what it does. I’ll post back here shortly.

It’s not a restart of the PC that causes it, but a restart of the browser. I had other web pages up earlier and I was only closing the Ignition page, but not Internet Explorer. After the restart, it occurred the first time I tried logging in, but not the second and susequent attempts. Then I closed the browser and tried again and I got the problem once more.

I tried the same thing on Chrome and the symptoms are identical.

If you need me to test something else, let me know.

Update: We changed our website security, using https instead of http and now the login works the first time. I don’t understand why this would make a difference, but it sure is nice.

Well the double login is back again. By the way, this is not just happening to me. Anyone who logs into the gateway gets this.

While writing this, we were talking about what could cause it. I asked if the gateway had been restarted since we changed the security settings on the web page. It had not. So we restarted the gateway and the double login went away. I logged in from IE and Chrome and no problem on either. Hope this helps.

Sorry for the silence on this one, been busy trying to add some more features.

I fixed the issue with the “scada_” prefix not being cleared out when you add a user source. (tip: in the meantime it works to just edit the user source afterwards and clear it out.)

I’m still working on replicating the double-login issue. Is that using automatic mode or manual mode?

Thanks Carl. I know you’re busy with more important things. I’m just posting what I find.

The current security tables were made in auto mode and all have the scada_ prefix. But I believe we originally had the security tied to another User Source and transferred it to the present. And I believe the original User Source was created manually in the production version of Ignition before we moved to the beta.

Maybe you could try creating a project using a manually built User Source, then switching to an auto-built one. Just a thought. If you need any logs or anything else from us, feel free to ask.

Found another thing that may be a bug. When you add a new user using Manage Users and Roles, the Schedule drop-down box already has ‘Always’ selected. That was what I wanted, so I bypassed that and submitted to add the user.

The user was added, but the Schedule was blank. I edited the user and the drop-down then showed ‘Choose One’, which I did. I submitted it and it set the schedule to that which I chose.

I deleted that user and created it again. This time I selected another schedule other than Always, then re-selected Always. I submitted and it created the user, but the schedule was once again blank.

Well, I can’t seem to replicate. Maybe you could set something up on a test server on a laptop or something to try and isolate the issue so you could give me a concrete set of steps to follow?

We are running Ignition on an Azure Linux box. I’ll get with Todd and see if he can set up a temporary gateway on a Linux pc we have for testing, that is as similar to the Azure gateway as possible. The environment will definitely be different though as the Linux pc is on our local network. It’s going to be a tough one to catch, methinks. We may be moving off Azure, and if so, it may never happen again. I’ll keep you informed, but don’t lose any sleep over it right now. :slight_smile: