Problem with self-signed module

I haven’t yet upgraded to Maven, but I’m updating a module from 7.7.x to run in a 7.8.1 system. I built it with Ant and updated the linked libraries.
The module works fine in my developer-enabled server, but I can’t install it in the production server.

I created a self-signed certificate with KeyStore, just a simple key-pair, and exported the certificate chain.
Signed it with the module signer.

But the installation throws a “signature not present” exception:

com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.modules.ModuleVerificationException: Module signature not present. at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.modules.ModuleManagerImpl.verifyModuleSignatures(

I unzipped the .modl and the signature is there…

I have tried a few approaches, like creating another key pair signed by the first one, so a 2-length certificate chain, but with the same result.

Any clues as to what the problem is? the signed module is attached…


I’m not sure the new module self-signing was introduced yet in 7.8.1… Have you tried installing it on a 7.8.4 gateway?

I don’t have that version and I should keep the same one as my customer is using for compatibility.

I also sometimes update drivers for 7.7.x installation in production.

Is the old module signing page still available somewhere? I was not able to find it


It’s not…

So does this mean that self-signed modules won’t work in older versions of Ignition, and the old signer is not available?

What is the recommended course of action?


Correct, self-signed modules only work in the latest versions of 7.7, 7.8, 7.9. We can’t support the legacy signing any more.

I think there’s some process through which we can make a one time exception and manually sign a module you send us if you’re in a pinch here, but generally you’re expected to upgrade off 7.8.1 or whatever non-up-to-date version if you’re relying on custom developed or 3rd party modules.

It’s not the most graceful transition ever but we didn’t have any other options.

There’s some servers that are installed at customer premises and they’d rather we don’t touch them. I’m afraid we might run into this issue again.

I’ll pass the information along.

Should I PM with the module that requires signing?

It seems PMs don’t allow attachments. Can you email me at or provide me with your address.

Many thanks

Just for the record, the first versions of Ignition to accept the new signatures were v7.7.7 and v7.8.3.