Problem with sending Double word address value to OPC tag in Ignition Edge

Hi everyone,
How can i get a double word address value from the Schneider M221 PLC to appear in the tag browser of Ignition Edge Designer.I managed to get correct values to appear for OPC tags in the tag browser of Ignition Edge for corresponding values of Memory Word and float addresses that i configured in the M221.All i had to do was adjust the One-based Addressing and Reverse Word order settings in the edge gateway and the values came through. However the opc tag representing the double word address value just shows null.What should i type in the OPC item path?Maybe that would make a difference.
Any help would be appreciated.

What address do you have configured? Are there any errors in the gateway logs?

The address was just a double word in memory position 156(%MD156) with a random value of 1234567 that i want to see as the value for an opc tag i created in ignition edge designer.This double word was configured in an animation table in the Schneider electric SoMachine software.There are no errors in the gateway logs.

Okay, but what address syntax did you use in Ignition? What’s the OPC item path you used?

OPC item path: [Test_M221]1.HRD156
Data Type : Double

Ok, that should be fine, though you probably wanted HRI or HRUI unless you really want a floating point value, but your original post says a dword.

The address looks valid, so if there’s no value there’s probably a message in the gateway logs from ReadHoldingRegistersRequest or something like that.


There doesn’t seem to be anything of the sort on the gatewaylogs. I don’t have a probem with sending a memory word address( %MW221 with value 4570) and a memory float address (%MF227 with value 123.445).Both these values appear on the OPC tags in the Designer.Its just the double word that is giving me a problem.Anyway i will try to solve the problem and let you know if i succeed.Thanks Kevin.

As Kevin noted, this is not a double word. This is a quad word interpreted as a double-precision floating point. You almost certainly need to use HRI or HRUI instead of HRD.

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Thank you. Looks like Kevin was right . I tried HRI earlier and it did not work but now i tried again and it works perfectly well.