Problem with special character in a Tag Name and the function system.tag.queryTagHistory

I have a tag which is called “Umidità” and when I call the function system.tag.queryTagHistory on it to get its history and create a csv file with it the system return an empty dataset. It seems to me that the function doesn’t handle special characters well.
Is there a solution to this or I have to rename the tag (and deal with broken links, transfer all the old tag history on the new one etc)?

Have you tested your script on a tag without such characters?

It works with every other tag that doesn’t contains a special char

try setting a “u” infront of the string to convert it to unicode
link so

system.tag.queryTagHistory(paths=[u"[default]Umidità"], startDate=...)

or use “.decode()” (default is utf-8)

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Thank you, it worked.

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