Problem with table update

Hi I write tou you because, i have a problem with table updates, i fixed a problem of connection db
Cannot get a connection, pool error Timeout waiting for idle object
with increasing the number of connections from 8 to 20
Max Active
Max Idle
then i still have problems of connection db, then Greg suggest this

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Re: Database Faults after a few days
I would suggest looking at the status page and selecting database. You can enable the live values and see what is taking a long time to run. Additionally, you can go to configure and store and forward and look at the quarantine control tab to see what is being quarantined. This will also give you some additional information that can give you an idea as to why they queries are being quarantined. If you have already increased to 20 then you should be looking into my suggestions above to get to the root cause to the issue.
As a side note, its usually best to start a new thread with your question.)
and I did what he said, after done it, i didn’t have again problem with connection db.
but I saw that the tables udpdates doesn’t update fast, it takes too much time. And i need to make it faster again.
the ignition system works in a server with 6 GB of memory.
I don’t understand why the update isn’t working normal.
I tried differente polling modes, and still doesn’t update in a normal time, it take too long.

Please help me

Carito :prayer:

Assuming that you are using a SQL Query binding on the table, if you select Relative for the polling mode then it should be polling at the projects base rate. By default the base rate is 250ms.


Yes I am using SQL Query binding on the table, I have many tables ,some of them with that kind of bind and using Relative for polling mode, the update of tables takes too much time even the default range rate is 250 ms.

at the designer is slow too the update, when i put a new query, everything that uses SQL Query binding is to much slow

Please help me.

Carito :frowning:

Have you looked at your database status in the Ignition Gateway? You can enable live values and see which queries are running slow. Slow would be anything that is taking around a second or more to run. What tables are the slow queries associated with?


Table Update on my Designer is slow too. Same if I open that page as a client.

My table is bound to a MySQL Table with a query.
This table should get one new line every second from a transaction group.
My table refreshes every 5sec, so I get 5 new lineas displayed at a time.

I’m running version 7.5.6.
Client Poll Rate is at 250.

I can get the table refreshing faster if I set the data binding as absolute at 1 sec as poll rate or relative with -4sec as offset from the base rate.

I had a look to live values in Database Connections on my gateway but I see nothing taking too much time: 15 queries/sec, total queries increasing and avg duration = 0,0sec

Thanks for any help!

How many rows of data are being displayed in the table?

The load times of the window are going to be affected by the number of rows that you are returning from the database. Also, if there are a lot of rows in the database table its going to take some time to query that table. You can speed the table up and help with the load times by limiting the amount of data that you are returning.

Starting from an empty table,
having on a page a table with a query with “Relative” Polling Mode,
I get for example 3 records at first refresh and 8 at the next (see attached image).
Transaction group is loggin every 1 sec.


So once it starts you only get three entries in the table, after that do you consistently get 5 new records at a time? When the transaction group starts are you only receiving three records in the database? If so, are you expecting 5 records when the transaction group starts?

Transaction group is logging every second, so I expect and get 1 record every sec.
Then, depending on when I’ve (randomly) activated the transaction group, I get 1, 2, 3, etc records at the first refresh.
The point is that then I get +5 records at the next refresh (1+5, or 2+5, or 3+5, etc) and so on.
Let me know if you need to see it directly on my gateway (gotomeeting).

I don’t quite understand what the problem is here. Table components in Ignition that are bound to a SQL query will run at whatever rate you set them to run at. By default the relative rate is 5 seconds (not the 250ms mentioned above, that’s for SQL tags). If you want it to update faster then you can set the rate to whatever speed you want. Just keep in mind that every time the table updates a SQL query is being called on your database. So if you set the rate to something like 250ms you will be running 4 queries a second. Depending on how much data you’ll eventually be bringing back this will probably be a little fast. Table components really aren’t meant to show “live” to the ms updates of your database table.

Ok, I got it now!
By reading on the user manual “Relative Rate…based on a delta off of the project’s base polling rate. See Client Polling Properties…” I’ve focused on the wrong parameter: “Client Poll Rate” instead of “Polling Base Rate”.
Now I know how to manage the relative polling mode.
Then, what happen reducing this vuale (number of queries per second) is very clear.

Thanks for your support!