Problem with the Block Transaction Group

I used to build Block transaction groups back in the days of FactorySQL but now I'm having issues doing the same in Ignition.

I have a table in the database with X, Y, and Z positional data in 10 rows. I want to write those values into the PLC tags. I created a Block xaction group with Items for X, Y, and Z (10 elements each). I also added three boolean tags to the Basic OPC Group collection. These are used to 1) trigger the TG, 2) report a success, and 3) report a failure. Let's call the (1) tag "LoadPosData". The mode is 'DB to OPC' and the Table Action is Update/Select, custom, Where PosID > 0. PosID is also the Custom Index Column.

When I trigger the TG, I get a failure that states "Invalid column name 'LoadPosData'". But LoadPosData is not part of the Block Group. It's only used in the Basic Group for triggering. I have tried setting it to "Read Only" (not related to anything in the db) but I still keep getting the error.

What am I missing? I used to think Block TGs were awesome. Now they're becoming a pain in the association of Ignition developers...

I figured it out. I went into "Block View" and saw the elusive column requirement. Fixed that and now I'm running, just like in the good ol' days.

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