Problem with upgrade to 7.1.9

Due to problems with a particular historical transaction group not logging properly (different topic), I upgraded my Ignition form 7.1.8 to 7.1.9. This resulted in all 17 of my historical transactions going in to error.

The error was the same for all of them. I do not have the exact text but it was a java error about java.lang.float converting to java.lang.double.

I have reinstalled version 7.1.8 and no longer have the problem except the original one I was trying to correct. Is this a known problem? Should I upgrade to 7.2.1 or will the same break occur?

Yes, unfortunately this is something that cropped up in 7.1.9, and has to do with how Float4 values are treated in groups. It was fixed in 7.2, so you won’t run into if you try to upgrade.


Thank you for the quick response.