Problems Bar Chart


I’m having problems using bar charts. When I bring a dataset from a database, all is ok. But, when I try to fill a dataset using tags (float 4) by using cell update binding all values are converted into integers. How can I solve this?

Thank you!

Look at the dataset viewer, and see if the column for your values is of Column Type “Integer”. If so, that’s the issue, whatever values you bring in via cell update binding are being converted to an integer by the dataset structure.

The column type of the dataset viewer is float. And also tried with double, but I got the same :scratch:

Just a heads up for everyone, the problem here is the Cell Update binding. In Spain, the comma and dots in numbers are reversed so 1.2 in US is 1,2. The Cell Update binding is changing the number from 1,2 to a really large number. I have added a ticket in to get this fixed.

This will be fixed in 7.5.2.

I’ve run into this with a French computer before. Will your fix cover all locales the switch . and , ?