Problems connecting MQTT Transmission with a mosquitto broker

Hello all, I’ve been strugling a bit with having MQTT Transmission module to publish into a third party MQTT broker, such as mosquitto. Whenever I try to setup the connection I can’t get it connected and don’t really understand why

I have a mosquitto broker running in my localhost, to which I’m able to connect using something like MQTTfx, I don’t have the MQTT Distributor module installed in my local machine and still it just won’t connect.

My question thereby: How can I troubleshoot this issue?, or is it maybe a dummy configuration I’m missing? Thanks in advance

Try the IP address of the system that mosquitto is running on. localhost usually resolves to,
and your mosquitto may not be listening on the loopback interface.
We run it all the time connecting to outside brokers, eg. at

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I also cannot connet the transmission module to my Mosquitto broker even after putting the servers ip adress. MQTT engine module connects fine.

Did you solve your problem?
If not, can you connect ANY MQTT client to that broker?