Problems connecting to a SLC 5/04 using DH+/EIP Bridge

I’m trying to connect to a SLC 5/04 over DH+ using a Prosoft AN-X2 module. This module emulates a 1756-DHRIO. I know other OPC servers support connections in this manner, and I suspect Ignition does per the user manual (1756-DHRIO connection paths are explicitly called out as solutions).

I’ve got the AN-X2 configured and I can read the SLC data tables through RSLinx. In Ignition, I configure my hostname to be the AN-X2 IP address and the connection path to be 1,1,A,10 (backplane, slot 1, channel A, node 10), per the AN-X2 manual. Unfortunately it never connects, and the status shows as the following:

Disconnected: Determining protocol

The following message shows up in the log every few seconds:

Unable to create connect request because transport is invalid.

Does anyone have recommendations on how to resolve this? For reference, the AN-X2/PLC are across a corporate VPN, but as mentioned it’s at least visible to RSLinx.

Not sure, we haven’t tested with one of these, but our manual suggests it would be 2 for channel A: 1,1,2,10

(and 3 for channel B)

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Dumb miss on my part. That solved it - connected and reading data now. Thanks!