Problems historing data after migrating Ignition to a new server

Hi all,

Recently I migrated my Ignition project to a new server, with same configuration. I imported Ignition to a new server and my DB to a new server. I export and import data from only from May 2020 (upt to May 6) from the DB, just to get data history in the new server, but the problem is that after I migrated the Ignition project and run the gateway, Ignition stopped historing data. It only registered trends from May 7 5:00 am. Looking in the Gateway Web service, I realized that the local cache is constanly filling with data, that means that Ignition stop historing.

My step for migration were:

  1. export and importa my tables, functions and procedures from my old DB server.
  2. export and import only history table sqlth_data_2020_1_05 and all the sqlth_…
  3. Start Ignition in the new server.

Does any one knows where the problem is?

I solved the problem upgrading MySQL driver from Ignition