Problems inserting numeric data into SQL EXPRESS

I’m having problems when inserting numeric data from a Numeric Text Field into a SQL EXPRESS table, when I want to insert 1 I get 10, when I want to insert 10 I get 100, when I want to insert 8,2 I get 8.199.999.809.265.1367, when I want to insert 8.2 I get 820.

Both, SQL and numeric text field, are defined as float.

I’ve enclosed a screenshot for clarification.

On the other hand I’d like Ignition to use (.) as thousands separator and (,) as decimal separator ¿is it possible?.

I believe you’re running into the same issue reported in this post, which has been fixed for 7.5.4.

As for the use of “,” vs “.”, that can certainly be done, but it is a function of the locale used by Java for the the client. In other words, there isn’t a way for you to set it- instead you have to figure out how to get Java to use the appropriate locale. Usually Having windows set up to use the locale is enough, but let me know if you already have that set up and it’s not working.


Ok, thanks for your quick answer.