Problems production Tags binding


I’ve installed OEE Module in Ignition. The problem is that some components are bound to tags that appears as unknown. I tried to look for the path for every unknown opctag but there are so many of them… My question is if there are another way to fix the OEE module?


We need more information on what the problem actually is.
If you installed the OEE module and installed the demo application the OPC tags and windows should bind correctly.
Have you changed/renamed any items in the production model?
Is the production model status “Running”?


My problem is (as you can see in the image) some tags are ‘unknown’

The question is where should be pointing these tags?

Thanks for your help

The PLC tags are from the ProductionSimulator module. It is installed by the demo application to simulate an actual PLC running.

If you did a clean install of the demo application it should have installed that module and the device in the OPC-UA configuration in the gateway.
It will show up as a under in the designer OPC browser as:
Ignition OPC-UA Server

Check if that module is installed and is running in the gateway.


Ok, I think that’s the problem. When I browse in [ProductionSimulator] I just find three folders: Overview, Refrigeration and [Diagnostics] and not Demoline. I have unistalled and installed many times this module and always I have the same problem. :confused:

I need to know the Ignition version you are working with. Please check the status page and tell me the Ignition Gateway information on version and build number please.
That way I can re-create it here.


Here I send what I got in status:

Hope this helps

I did find the issue with the ProductionSimulator module version number not allowing it to install.
I will get the updated installer loaded under 7.4 beta as soon as possible.
Thank you for pointing out the issue.