Problems running a project on one particular Windows pc

Hi All:

We are one of MS’s beta testers for Windows Vista and Longhorn server. It is probably unlikely that you have tested Factory PMI against it, so I don’t know if you can respond to this, but there is one machine running the Vista OS where we are unable to open a project. The error given is:

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x0) was found in the CDATA section.

         at Source)

         at com.calmetrics.factoryhmi.common.gateway.Project.fromXML(

         at com.calmetrics.factoryhmi.application.runtime.RuntimePanel$

         at Source)

I downloaded the most recent Java upgrade and installed it on the machine, and curiously we have another machine that is running Vista where we don’t have any issues. The project runs fine on all Windows XP machines. Any advice? TIA D. Lewis

I have a hunch that this has nothing to do with Vista, but is a bug that we’ve been trying to track down.

(for others reading this post - We’re working with this customer over the phone and GoToMeeting to resolve this, we’ll update this thread when we’ve reached a resolution.)

If anyone else has a similar problem, please call us. The temporary fix is simple, but we’d like to have a peek at the machines that are experiencing this problem to help us nail it down.

Thanks for your patience,