Problems to make Comments Panel show messages?

I have tried to make datatables exact like manual shows for comments panel but allways get error message that I have wrong table names?
I see that error message, example data and manual shows different column names.
Like IsStick, Sticky, isSticky and attatchment, attachemntfilename or attachmentname?
So if anybody has get this component work I would like to get right column names.

Insert queries is fine but Select is not working.

Thanks already.

Tommi Vahtera

All you need to do is bind the dataset to a query returning the following columns with the right data types:

ID (integer) Username (varchar/string) Timestamp (datetime) NoteText (varchar/string) AttachmentFilename (varchar/string) Stick (boolean/integer)
Here is an example query:

SELECT ID, WhoID as 'Username', TStamp as 'Timestamp', Note as 'NoteText', Filename as 'AttachmentFilename', Sticky as 'Stick' FROM notes ORDER BY TStamp DESC
If you are getting an error it means that one of the data types is incorrect. You can check this by examining the dataset using the dataset viewer icon (to the left of the bind icon) and select each column to find the datatype. If you are still having issues please attach a copy of the database table and window so we can take a look at it.

Hi Travis

Thanks for clarifying datatatypes, now my Select query starts to work.
Now basic notes goes to database and also show in comments panel.

InsertQuery2 is not working properly yet? I made ItemNotes table and YourId and NotesId columns but what is function for this query? also what datatypes these should be.

also adding attachment file I need to setup Attachemnt column but is this varchar or something else?


You can leave insert query 2 blank. It is only used if you are linking a note to something else like an account and a contact at the same time without duplicating data.

If you want an attachment you need to make an attachment column that is a blob or byte array (in MySQL use longblob). The attachment query will retrieve it and allow the user to save it to the disk.