Problems with ActiveX Installation

I have dowloaded the Plugin ActiveX (ActiveXPlugin-1[1].0.2.fplg file), but when I installed the plugin in FPMI, in the Activation Status column, show me the next message:

Activated CD-Key:???-??? (un-activate)

I have enabled all the options of ActiveX and Plug-ins in the browser

If I want to use any component in the PMI Designer, send me the next error:

“Error: unable to initialize component, because the necessary ActiveX control is missing”

Don’t worry about the CD-Key issue - the ActiveX plugin is free.

Those ActiveX controls only work if the actual ActiveX is present on your system. For example, the acrobat control will only work if Adobe Acrobat is actually installed. Do you have the appropriate applications installed?

Ok, I haven`t all the application installed.