Problems with components layouts

hello everyone,

i have a problem with the design in my ignition designer, i'm placing all the main layout in a group and at the same time setting relative > Maintain Aspect Ratio > Center and i can't get the result i want.

the image shows a little bit of what I need to remove to center all the content in the same format as my screen resolution.

Any suggestions?

Im not sure what exactly you're after, but I imagine you want the table to expand to fit the available space, whe the buttons should be anchored to the top left of the page? If so, you'll need to ungroup your components (or convert the group to a container and check the enable layout property), config the layout of the buttons to be anchored, top left, and the table to be anchored in all directions

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Hi @nminchin, sorry for replying late... I'm trying to center the image so that the highlighted bars are removed and everything is centered to fit the resolution here is another example.

all the login container is in Layout Mode and Maitain aspect ratio in center mode