Problems with data not being populated or being deleted

Here is a question concerning Factory SQL. In our primary data collection system we are using Horner NX PLC’s which use Modbus TCP/IP as their connection to OPC. We recently purchased 10 machines which have Mitsubishi PLC units in them. They use Mitsubishi TCP/IP. Anyway Honer had been working on a handshake so that the NX could poll the Mitsubishi, more than likely thru the serial connection, to gather the data. Since MGMT did not want to wait they asked that I at least hook up to the Mitsubishi and poll some data and place it in SQL. The group I designed in FSQL contained both Mitsubishi OPC tags and Horner OPC tags. When I initially started the group it seemed to work OK. But the following day we noticed that some of the data was either a: not being populated or b: was being deleted. We are not sure which one was taking place. So my questions are as follows:

  1. Would using OPC tags from 2 different devices using different protocols under one group cause any problems in FSQL?
  2. Although there was no errors on any of the groups would this cause problems with SQL not taking all the data all the time?
  3. Is there a error table or something somewhere in FSQL that I could look at and it would show if there was any connection problems, write problems, or is something was commanding the data to be deleted?

I ask number 3 because this problem seemed to be as if someone placed a check mark in the DELETE RECORDS OLDER THAN configuration item for the groups. But yet when I went thru all 100 groups not one of the had a check mark in that configuration item. And since all of them post to the same SQL table I take it if any one of them would have the check mark in that config box that it would affect all of them. Would this be correct?

Thanks and have a great day.


This does sound like a bit of a mystery… first and foremost, having items from different devices, protocols, OPC servers, etc. in a group is totally fine- it’s just OPC data to FactorySQL. Especially if they’re all coming from the same OPC server like Kepware, in which case FactorySQL really has no idea of anything different between the points.

With no errors on the groups, I would look at the overall error log (Help-> Log Viewer) and see if anything turns up there.

Finally, point #3 brings up a good point- unfortunately, there currently isn’t a way to see if the “delete old records” task is running, without looking through all the groups. There may be some way in SQL Server to audit the commands that get executed, or you could try going in and temporarily remove the DELETE privileged on that table. That way, anyone who tries to delete will get an error, and maybe you can find out who was doing it.

Hope this helps,