Problems with Database connections Store/Forward Throughput

I have a problem and it really urges me, I have a series of connected databases (everything works fine) but when I enable the Alarm_Journal table everything crashes.

I am thinking (debugging a little) that the (Store Throughput) is very high and when I enable the table the (Forward Throughput) sends a grant amount of datapoints and is the reason why the whole database falls, is it normal that amount of datapoints?

Any recommendations or solutions regarding this?

Do you see anything in the gateway logs? Those Unavailable line items under Activity - if you hover your mouse over them you should get some information - what does it say?

you mean this?

Here is a similar problem with solution from the Cirrus Link Forum.

I think it's not what I'm looking for, the question is where do these datasets come from? and is there any way to reduce that amount? because I think that's the reason why my database is crashing.