Problems with Ignition Version 7.6.6

I have been having problems with Ignition version 7.6.6 being a memory hog and locking up my PC.

I am running Ignition in a Windows XP VM using VMware Workstation 10. I have over 10GB of free HD space and allocated 4GB of RAM to the VM.

My host machine and other VMs work just fine. The Ignition VM is locked up after sitting over night. I also notice performance issues while working with it right after reboot.

I attached a screen shot of taskmanager. I closed the client so designers is running and the gateway.

Are you reading a large number of complex UDT tags from a Contrologix?

I had the same issues, had to play around with Scan class time and # of concurrent requests in Clgx driver.

I believe not being connected to my PLCs was the problem. I disabled all the connections and the I have not had this problem.