Problems with image in unstructured table header

I’m trying to design a simple report which uses a table to span multiple pages, and I’d like to have an image on the first page only. If I understood the documentation correctly, the correct way is to have an Unstructured Standard header which contains the image, and a Structured Reprint header for the subsequent pages. Everything seems to be working, except that the ImageShape is oddly “greedy” about the space beneath it. Here’s what it looks like in the designer.

And here’s how it looks in the preview pane.

No matter how small I make the image, or how high I make header as a whole, it always displaces the headers that are beneath it. I’ve looked at the properties of all involved elements, and don’t see anything glaringly wrong with how I’ve configured it.

Any ideas?

This looks like a reported (but not yet resolved) bug. Images in report tables scale off of the original dimensions of the uploaded image, even if you’ve scaled them down. If you get a lower-resolution copy of the original image and use that it should work as you expect it to.

Try opening your image in the GIMP (or Photoshop, or whatever) and use its Image=>Scale function to change the pixels per inch (but not the number of pixels) so the apparent size meets your needs. That’ll maintain the image quality in your report.

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Thanks for the update and the suggestion. I was able to scale the image to the right size and then reload it into Ignition for use in the report.