Problems with mobile module

I am haveing some problems with the mobile module.

I followed the processes laid out in the guild at … e-on-linux but I don’t have "startdaemon “$@” in my file.

Also, I’m not sure if its related to the problem stated above but when I try to launch my mobile SCADA program from my phone I get a login error “Username and/or password incorrect.” It doesn’t give me a chance to input my username and password. That particular SCADA program is the only one where I am receiving that error.

There should be a docommand() function defined in the file. I’ve highlighted the relevant lines in a graphical editor. If your file does not have these lines, then you may want to do a complete uninstall and reinstall to ensure you have a recent version.

As for the login issue, check that you don’t have a username and password automatically signing in; in the project properties head to Mobile → General → Enable Auto-Login.