Problems with Stored Procedure Group and the TAGS values


Today i realized that i have some problems with my SP groups. I’m triggering about 7 stored procedures every 10 seconds. This procedures were programed to copy a recipe into the PLC. With the first procedure, I’m copying the header parameters and with the other 6 I copy each ingredient and its parameters (code, weight, status). In order to simplify the procedures, I copy for example, the first 10 ingredients with 1 procedure, another 10 with a second procedure, etc.

The problem is that sometimes, the PLC values aren’t showed correctly so, I changed the type of the TAG (for example, if the PLC value is a Float, I change it to a int and then back to a float) and only then show me the correct value. This is a problem because happens with the weight of the ingredients so sometimes the stored procedure recieve wrong values so another procedure that i use to check the integrity of my recipe says that the recipe have a weight problem being that it’s not true.

I’m using the last JDBC dirver for oracle, ORACLE 10g, RSLINX 2.54, windows XP and IGNITION 7.1.4.

I’m pointing to the tags directly and are not part of my SQLTAGS set.

Thanks in advance.


So, the tags that are not correct are writing from the Stored Procedure to OPC? And what are they showing when it’s incorrect- the previous value, or some incorrect version of the desired value?

By changing the data type you are likely causing the item to resubscribe, which should cause RSLinx to refresh.

Does this happen randomly, or after writing values? Is it predicable, or only occasional?

In RSLinx, if you go to “DDE/OPC>Communication Events”, do you have any messages? If you go to Group Diagnostics, and double click on the subscription, I believe you can see the last value (I can’t confirm right now). When it is incorrect in Ignition, is it correct there?


Doesn’t sound like it applies here, but make sure the parameters defined within your SPROC are of the correct data type as well …

I forgot to mention that I’m making the SProc with the EXPORT/IMPORT XML tool. Maybe there is a problem.

Respect to the values, it’s relative, for example, i’m using a tag value to trigger several SProc and some of them start fine and others doesn’t start .The trigger value is “1” in the SProc that works and “0” in the others, being that they are the same OPC TAG.

I’ll analyze the RSLinx stuff when this happen and I’ll tell you more about it.



Recently i noticed that tags that have problems, had a configured DEADBAND of 10 and that is what produce the tags values problem. I suppose that this happened when I exported and imported the XML file and the original deadband of “1” changed to “10”. Maybe the import/export tool have problems with this.

Note that in my country the regional configuration uses “,” for decimal separation, so maybe that is the nature of the problem.



That’s excellent that you tracked down the problem. We’ve noticed a few issues with deadband export/import lately, namely that scientific notation (which is, unfortunately, the default) was not getting parsed correctly.

I’ll add the fact that you’re using a different locale to the bug ticket for that.