Problems with TAGS (Controllogix and Ignition OPCUA)


We installed the 7.1.4 (b5476) version of Ignition and trying to browse TAGS with the “Quick Client” (the opc browser in the designer is the same) JAVA process in the TASK ADMINISTRATOR (CTRL+ALT+DEL) grows until ignition gatway doesn’t work anymore. The use of CPU reach 60% and memory use stop only when is in 1 GB aprox. In the status page of ignition we see that the memory use is 1000/1000 aprox.

We don’t know if logix processor (62) has so many tags that can not handle.

By the way, we install RSLinx and all goes on perfect.

Any clue of what is happening.

Yes, this is a bit embarrassing, but 7.1.4’s controllogix driver has a pretty serious bug that essentially eats up lots of memory.

Try upgrading to the 7.1.5 beta2 that is available via the development download, it should be much better.