Problems with time series charts (double axes, plot colors)

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here, I spent the last 1 1/2 weeks getting to know database queries, python and Ignition for a 'Industry 4.0' project in our company. I unsuccessfully studied computer science 25-ish years ago, so I'm not really up-to-date on it all....

....anyhows, I was more or less happy with my result on Friday afternoon, but now on Monday morning (I'm flying to Serbia tomorrow to present it) it seems that something's gone iffy:


I suddenly have a double axis on all except 1 of my time series charts (they are all duplicates of each other, so that's odd too). All the data is on the same axis 'Axe'. When I set visibility to false on the second plot it goes back to 1 axis. the second plot is on an empty dataset (because there are not bad shots right now) which might be the issue here.


I'm guessing the way out would to bind the visibility of the second axis to the dataset?

Another thing I'm having trouble with is the plot color. I have 2 trends, good & bad. I just can't seem to get the second one to take the assigned color. Any suggestions?

Desktop Version

OK, just answered my own question,

binding on visibility to properties -> dataset and then expression
if (len({value})=0, false, true)

If anyone could help me with the colors, much appreciated :slight_smile: