Problems writing strings to SQL Tags

I’m having trouble writing string values back to a PLC via SQL tags. The tags were imported from a device by dragging and dropping from the OPC browser. I get no error messages, and the integer values that I write come through correctly. The very first time I wrote a string to the PLC, it set the value, but now it never updates it.

I suspect that the problem may reside with the device, but is there any chance my code is off? It’s actually an array of tags that I’m writing to, setting index 1 to the first set of values I get from my db query, index 2 to the next set, and then clearing out all values for indexes up to and including 50 that don’t have data.

Here’s the code:

[code] # hit every tag, and either populate it from db, or clear it
for x in range (0, 50):
# setup tag names, with an offset of 1
tagNum = x + 1
bolTag = “Malt Handling/BOL_STORAGE/BOL_STORAGE_%d_/BOL” % tagNum
maltTypeTag = “Malt Handling/BOL_STORAGE/BOL_STORAGE_%d_/MALT_TYPE_NUMBER” % tagNum
#maltNameLen = “Malt Handling/BOL_STORAGE/BOL_STORAGE_%d_/MALT_TYPE_NAME/LEN” % tagNum
maltNameTag = “Malt Handling/BOL_STORAGE/BOL_STORAGE_%d_/MALT_TYPE_NAME/STRING” % tagNum
vendorTag = “Malt Handling/BOL_STORAGE/BOL_STORAGE_%d_/VENDOR_NUMBER” % tagNum
vendorNameTag = “Malt Handling/BOL_STORAGE/BOL_STORAGE_%d_/VENDOR_NAME/STRING” % tagNum

	# setup list of tag names
	tags = [bolTag, maltTypeTag, maltNameTag, vendorTag, vendorNameTag]	

	# most will be empty, so set up the empty values list
	values = [0, 0, "", 0, ""]
	if len(data) > x:
		# if we found data, set the values found in the query
		bol = data[x]["BOL"]
		maltType = data[x]["MaltType"]
		maltName = data[x]["MaltName"]
	#	maltNameLen = len(maltName)
		vendor = data[x]["Vendor"]
		vendorName = data[x]["VendorName"]

		values = [bol, maltType, maltName, vendor, vendorName]

	print tags
	print values
	system.tag.writeAll(tags, values)[/code]

Those print statements at the end definitely show the expected values, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to why I can write integers, but not strings.

It looks like we’re getting lots of bizarre results, which seems to be attributable to network problems between the sqlbridge server and the database server. So for now, I’m going to chalk this problem with strings up to the network, and see if it recurs after those issues are resolved.