Procedure Install 7.5.3 over 7.3.4?

I currently have:

Ignition Platform 7.3.4 (b599)
SQL Bridge Module 5.3.2 (b106) Trial
Vision Module 5.3.4 (b346) Activated
Mobile Module 1.3.1 (b73)Trial
Reporting Module 1.3.3 (b65) Trial
Symbol Factory Module 2.5.1 (b42) Trial

I just downloaded Version:

Should I just run the install on my computer or do I have to save projects if I don’t want them to get over-written?


It’s always a good idea to do a full gateway backup, but your projects will not get over-written. Post here again after you do it :slight_smile:.


I did the full gateway backup and install without incident.

However, the issue I was hoping the upgrade would fix for me is still there.

When is Set a Decimal Format under the Appearance property it does not get saved with the Ignition Designer Project :frowning:

Could you post a screenshot of what you’re referring to?

Attached should be a picture showing what I mean.

I highlight a Numeric Text Field and Select the All Filter for Properties on the right.
Then I go down to the Decimal Property and enter something like #,##0.00

When I save the project and come back, the formatting goes back to the default.

In the meantime…

I created a String type Memory Tag and put the value of #,##0.00 into it. Then I bound the Numeric Text Field’s Decimal Format property to it and it works. I couldn’t find anything in the help to lead me to this, I just played around until I found this particular solution.

…And Now…

I just added a new Numeric Text Filed and I can enter the format in the property window and it stays :scratch:

The bold text indicates that the value is bound to something. This means that a manually entered value will get overwritten automatically. I’m guessing that was configured automatically by dragging a SQLTag to a window to create an object. It might be bound to the tag metadata itself, so changing the value of that tag property may do it. In any case, you can easily modify/remove that binding by clicking on the database/lock looking icon to the right.