Process Control Gravimetric Blender Modbus Device Trouble

Has anyone had to connect to a PCC Gravimetric blender system before with Ignition? I am upgrading from an old iFix 4.0 line using the iFix MBE driver and am running into tag config issues. I can successfully connect to the blender controller in the Gateway, but the translation between the iFix address and a standard Modbus address is evading me.

Example: The modbus address for 'Setpoint A' is 601049? I know they use an extended registers, but I have never run into a holding register that starts with the '6' instead of a '4' for the holding register. I know it is talking because I can see values with the Schneider Modbus tester app...but not using the addresses that the MBE driver lists (and the manufacturer documentation).

So....coming here to see if anyone has ever run into this addressing type before?


That's an extended register address (AKA File Record address). IA's driver doesn't support the function codes for those. You need my Advanced Modbus driver module.

That address would become something like 1.XR1049 in my driver, or possibly 1.XR1048. (These are not holding registers.)

I'm going to give that module a whirl! Does it have the 2 hour trial that I can use for testing?

Yes, it honors the 2-hour trial mode like most modules around here.