Process of creating a settings for a module in the config of ignition homepage

Hi, I am trying to figure out a process for creating a settings area for a module in the config section of the ignition homepage. Any advice in that direction would be great. thank you

Take a look at this. You need a PersistentRecord implementation and a settings page that extends RecordActionTable.


The SDK examples on GitHub are fantastic resources for this exact question. Primarily, the one you are looking for is here.

You’ll notice that IA creates a “Settings Record” and a “Settings Page”
What this means is that the Settings Record will be the data model of each record added to the gateway’s internal database while the Settings Page will render said data model. That said, it can be a bit confusing as the Settings Record hosts the structure that the page will follow.


thank you that helped.

Do i have to create a react page to support the settings page. ?

You do not. If you use the examples and include the page in the gateway hook, it will render exactly as you would expect it to.

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thank you!! Have a nice day