Process order and invokeLater time

Hi all,

I have a script to run to select the first tab on a tab strip (if a tab exists). I added this script to the property change event of a dropdown that provides input to the dataset of the tabs.

When a dataset changes, it recreates the tab datast.

The problem is, the firstTab function runs too fast and it looks at the old tab dataset.

So I added an invokeLater function so that it runs after the tabs have been recreated. Works great.

My question is, what time frame can I count on for it to work but not have to “wait”. at 250ms it works fine. 250ms works fine for me because I will always be on a local host. However, if this was on deployed system on a network, would that still be enough?

I will likely do away with it at some point, but for now it works.

Thanks, Steven

It depends on where you update your dataset from. If it’s from a database then it will be affected by network speed, but if it’s just from a script or client tags then it’s independant from the network. I would make the dataset update script only reference local data with client tags or such, and this will give you a more consistant update time no matter where it is run.

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That makes since. I actually reference the dataset directly and not the table so that works out perfectly.

Thanks, Steven