Process Segment Equipment Reference Reverts To Old Reference When Ignition Designer Is Restarted

I am having an issue with certain process segments where I have changed the equipment reference and deleted the object associated with the original reference, but they sometimes revert to the original equipment reference when the designer is restarted.

I have fixed and saved the process segment equipment references within the MES Object Editor, and saved the project. However, when I restart the Ignition Designer, process segment equipment references will sometimes revert back to the original reference that was deleted.

When I click on the reference to edit, it displays the name of the new, correct equipment reference. If I click OK, the following error occurs: “MES object type of Area cannot be added as a parent to a MES object type of MaterialClass”. This is the same error that occurs when I attempt to run the process segment with the old incorrect equipment reference. In order to fix the reference, I have to first select a different reference and then switch back to the original one.

Deleting and re-creating problematic process segments does not fix this issue. This issue seems to happen only when a process segment is run before the designer is restarted or reopened, but doesn’t always happen for all problematic process segments.

Does anyone know how to prevent this reversion from happening, or have any idea as to why it happens?