Product Code Drop-Down List

In the project I’m working we have a lot of product codes. Unfortunately when we entered the product codes we didn’t follow a particular order :frowning: , so now pick a code from the Drop-Down list became too tedious.

There is a way to sort the product code Drop-Down list?

Also do you now if it’s possible to apply filters, so that the Drop-Down will present just some products?


I guess I have found a solution myself, and maybe it can help someone else :slight_smile:

So what I did is to use the standard drop down component, the Production Line Selector, a text for the filter and a check box to enable or disable the filter.

The drop down dataset is defined using system.db.runQuery which sorts and filters the data; the system.db.runQuery returns a dataset.

The query get generated every time the operator change the Production Line selection accordingly with the filter and the checkbox status.

I attached a picture and a text with the scripting if someone has the same issue

FilteredProductCode.txt (3.05 KB)