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Hello and sorry if I’m reactivating this thread, but I’m seeing that this bug has been reported for a long time and yet has not been solved: I’m really looking forward for this problem to be cleared, is there any way to track bugfixes statuses?

Yes, a fix for this will be great. Ways I’m aware of to track bug fixes:

  • Release notes
  • Subscribe to forum threads linked to them with the bug numbers prefixed like this one so you’ll get an email when there’s a new post–eventually one noting the bug fix.

It would be interesting to have visibility into IA’s internal bug tracking/status, but I don’t think that’s available.

Many thanks for replying and for the tips. I was hoping there was a tool like the “Ignition feature and ideas” page, where developers keep the informations on the bugs up to date, while we could track the actual development status, and also “vote” for a particular bug, so to give a more direct way of feedback, and prioritize a bug rather than another… this particular bug for example makes designing a new page or editing an existing one a rather stressful activity, other than sensibly increasing the time for completing the job, I believe it should be solved as soon as possible.

Edit: I tried to post this in “feature and ideas” area, please vote for it if you think it’s a good idea, thanks :slight_smile:

End users are probably the last people who should be voting on bugs in any large piece of software…

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Why? The software is created for the end users to be used, so why not listening to what they have to say? And anyway the voting should simply be one of the means for the developers to decide if a bug is more important than another.

Hello, all. I moved these posts to a new thread as they didn’t directly relate to the thread they were on other than to request a better way of checking development progress.

@betti.francesco: While there is not currently any insight into our development process other than the Nightly change logs, we are currently looking into options for a new internal ticketing and task management application, and one of the requests we’ve made for such an application would be to provide a public-facing portal where users could vote for bugs or features they would like to see implemented.

@md.szyman: If we’re not listening to what end-users want, then what business do we have developing anything for them? While I haven’t been with Inductive Automation for very long (relative to many others here), one of the internal driving tenets is to provide a product that customers want to use. As such it absolutely stands to reason that we need to listen to what customers want. These forums are a prime example of that, and just like everything else we do, we’re always going to try to find ways to make it even better.

My point of view is that user-voting on bug reports will end up being users voting on the most visible bugs, like those present in the designer UI, or in Vision/Perspective, etc: bugs that are very obvious. While users won’t vote on more edge-case but possibly more destructive bugs because those aren’t as popular.

That’s just how I imagine how it’ll turn out, I could end up being totally wrong.

I don’t know of any closed-source software product that exposes their internal bug tracker. I know the price difference to the “big” players in this market niche, combined with the free “support” on this forum, make it seem like an open source project sometimes. But it isn’t.

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Right, which is why we listen, but still make our own decisions as to what tickets will be fixed or implemented. I in now way meant that we would blindly work on whatever got the most votes. When and IF we implement something of this nature, we would use the voting system as a barometer of what was important and or impactful to users. If something important to the product is broken and needs to be fixed, it would still get priority. When we have the time to pick up something non-critical, then we should be looking to what the populace of users has deemed important.

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Great news, many thanks :slight_smile:

Sure, but I believe that a bug’s popularity should be a sign of concern for developers