Product Tracking/Gap Table Creation

Hey Everyone,

I have a piece of equipment used for washing product as a group through multiple stages. The machine has one conveyor from start to finish. When the machine runs the conveyor is always 100% full and if there is not enough product to fill the whole conveyor the infeed shuts off. I have a shift register set up to track when the infeed conveyor is allowing product into the washer that shifts based on the mat speed of the washer. In Vision I would like to create a "gap table" of sorts to display when there are empty section moving through the machine. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this? I have no issues reprograming the shift register however needed but I cannot find any good way to display in a single bar where product is present and not present and track it through a moving conveyor.

There would be more information required to completely answer your question. But assuming you have device data being presented to Ignition via tags, you can historize that data and then display it using any of our Vision Charts (i.e. Chart, Easy Chart, Bar Chart). Here is documentation on Vision's Comparison Charts you can look through.