Production code table - how to refresh the entries

I have to use the component “Production Code Table” (the one used in OEEDemo project). In this table, all product codes are automatically displayed from the “ProductCode” database table without the need for custom SQL statements or script. My problem is, whenever I make an edit to this table (I created an edit from), the edit is reflected in my database, but not displayed in my screen. The change will only be reflected once I switch from preview mode to design mode.

Usually, in tables, we use system.db.refresh(system.gui.getWindow(“Database/Database Manipulation”).rootContainer.getComponent(“Product Code Table”), “data”) to refresh the values.

But since the “Production Code Table” has no “data” property, I don’t know which property should I use to refresh the values.

Please help. Thank you very much!


The product code table data may be refreshed with the refreshList() method:

event.source.parent.getComponent('Product Code Table').refreshList()


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Hi. Thank you very much! It solved the problem.