Production Count Question

Hey guys,

I have created a new line with a few cells inside of that line. On one of the cells (the packaging machine) I am using the cycle count for the outfeed count. The problem I’m running into is that every time the machine cycles I actually get 8 packages out of it.

On the package count property, it looks like you would put how many infeed counts makes 1 outfeed count. But what if you have to go in reverse? For every 1 outfeed count I actually get multiple “packages”. I’ve tried putting in .125 for this value and it doesn’t seem to work, I just get the cycle count for the packaging rate which is not correct.

The only way that I’ve found to get the correct numbers is to take the cycle count and multiply it by 8, which is kind of a hack. What is the proper way to handle this scenario?