Production lines with multiple "configurations"

Is OEE module suitable for tracking lines that have multiple configurations. Example picture attached. Lines represent different product flow configurations. First two machines are “producers of product” and after that there is “handling” of product by different machines.


We have production lines that have multiple options for product flow. Can your OEE module track a system that has multiple different product flow configurations (during a day) and even two machines can have same secondary machine in use at the same time or at the different time.

I hope I made some sense what I mean.

It really depends on what you want to report upon.

We can design the system to report the OEE of your production by combining like machines into cell groups. A group, e.g. H Machine 1, H Machine 2 and H Machine 3, would have an infeed and outfeed count that would be the total of each machine. That group outfeed would feed the next group, and so on. The OEE for production of a work order or product code could then be reported upon.

If you want to track multiple work orders or product codes at the same time and also know the quantities that were fed to each machine then the line configuration would not do that directly. You would need to design a tracking scheme directly in Ignition using tags and the database etc…