Production Report Data Help


Firstly im using Ignition version 7.6.4.

Im new to this site as well as Ignition so am need of some assistance to get this task done.

Im trying to create a data table in an existing PDF report to show multiple production counts incremented throughout the day.

I have set up the counters in an OEE production cell as individual production counts, I have then linked these OEE tags to the Line Cell as additional factors.

In the report project I have set up a data analyser to use these counts to form table data, and im able to see the counts in the table data within the data analyser.

Iv then added a data set to the PDF custom properties and linked it to the table data of the data analyser and again I can see the table data in the data set.

However when open the report editor and add the keys to the report i have Null value or N/A?

Is there a different or preferred method of displaying multiple cell production counts? can I separate them.

I appreciate any help you can give.