Productivity 2000 PLCs

I have a Productivity Series 2000 PLC with Ethernet/IP capabilities, I was trying to use it as an Allen Bradley PLC to be able to browse it’s tags, but I haven’t been able to do it so far. So wanted to ask if someone else has done it? Or if it’s at least doable?

From the spec sheet it looks like Modbus TCP should work.

Thanks for the reply, Modbus TCP works actually pretty good, but I wanted to use it as an Allen Bradley PLC for the tag browsing. But I’m not sure if it’s doable

Copied from a forum for Automation Direct:

The Productivity Series CPUs support Class 1 Connections (I/O Messaging), Class 3 Connections (Connected Explicit Messaging), and Unconnected Explicit Messaging. The CPUs can act as I/O Scanners, I/O Adapters, Explicit Messaging Clients, and Explicit Messaging Servers. This information can be found in the Help Topics within the software.

The Micro800 series does support CIP Symbolic Messaging, which is not currently supported by the P-Series. This messaging targets the actual string of ASCII characters that define the tag (e.g. “Tag01”), rather than an Instance of an Assembly object (or other Class, Instance, and Attribute).

I hope this helps. From what i see so far I don’t think you will be able to browse this like you can an AllenBradly. This is based on what I highlighted in bold.

The Productivity series does NOT mimic an Allen-Bradley PLC. It supports standard EtherNet/IP messaging to other devices’ class/instance/attribute targets, and supports EtherNet/IP I/O traffic as both a scanner and/or an adapter. (The I/O support is particularly good, fwiw.)

It does not expose its own tags as an AB PLC, and it does not support messaging to other devices’ symbolic data.

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What exactly are you trying to do? If you need something that can mimic an AB Logix PLC, you might find my Ethernet/IP module useful. (It doesn’t emulate the ladder logic of an AB PLC, but you can use timer scripts in Ignition for similar tasks.)