Productivity PLC Modbus

I have a 2000 series Productivity PLC, I’m having issues reading the Modbus addresses in Ignition, has anyone worked with these PLCs before?

I have not but Modbus is Modbus, can you describe the issue you are seeing?

I’m setting up on the PLC the addresses but I don’t see the values reflected on Ignition…

Try changing zero based addressing and reverse word order.

I already did but still nothing, at this point I’m just trying the simplest thing which is reading coils, so I created a couple tags on Ignition as integers just to read 0’s and 1’s but I’m only getting 0’s which is very confusing because those coils are actually activated on the PLC side. I did the whole addressing as well on the PLC side.

What do your tag opc item paths look like? If the device id is not default you may need to include it in your opc item path.

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