Productivity Series Controllers Automation direct

I have a Productivity Series 2000 PLC with an ethernet connection form automation direct. Does ignition have a driver for that?
If so, would it be the UDP and TCP Drivers or Modbus Driver? and will it auto browse tags like the opc connection for AB PLC.

Modbus, and no it will not browse because that’s not part of the Modbus protocol.

so do i have to map everything and is there a thread that gives me an example on how to do this?

I also seen a video on modbus setup on entering the addresses in the gateway on what i want to read and write to. Not sure if this is correct.

Three videos from inductive university that might help.

  1. Connecting To a Modbus Device
  2. About Modbus Addressing
  3. About Modbus Address Mapping

The page from the user manual that gives further explaination. There are some other pages close to this one that may also help.