Proface Pro Server Tag Failure

I’m having an issue with tags coming from Proface’s Pro Server software. These are 32 bit integers. The quality on the tag is good as long as the value is under 100 but whenever it goes over that the tag quality becomes “Sensor Failure.”

Any thoughts on what’s going on?

This is on Ignition 7.6.4

There must be some configuration in Proface’s server causing this to happen. Is it an OPC-UA or DA server? Do you have any documentation?

DA server.

Proface support asked if I was running a multi pipeline CPU because of a known driver issue with Kepware. Any knowledge of this off the top of your head?

This may be their documentation: … config.pdf

My apologies if that’s not correct. I’m on a very limited internet connection right now.

I’m not really sure how much more I can help you with this since the quality is coming from the OPC server, but here’s my guess: There’s some kind of engineering limits configured for the tags coming from whatever device this is, and when you exceed the range defined by those limits you get start getting a bad quality along with the tag value.

It looks like it was the limits causing the problem. The default limits were 0-100. I changed them to the actual limits of a 32 bit number and it looks like everything’s working correctly. Thanks!