Proficy Historian

Does Ignition have any built in capabilities to allow direct acces to Ge Proficy Historian data ?

Of the top of my head, I’m not sure of anyone doing this yet, but in theory there would be 3 potential methods:

  1. OPC-HDA
  2. Custom API
  3. JDBC access

Of these, only #3 is available in Ignition right now (well, #2 as well, since the SDK is available, but I doubt you want to get that involved). #1 has been asked for a number of times, and might come along at some point, but does not currently have a time frame.

The good news is that a quick search shows there is some sort of support for JDBC. However, not being too knowledgeable about Proficy, I don’t know if it’s sufficient for what you want. Apparently everything goes through “Proficy Portal”. Take a look at this page, which lists different JDBC connectors, and see if anything strikes a chord:


Thank you for your response, but I’m affraid it could not run that way.

Even if JDBC is available in Proficy Portal for Relational database, the connexion with Proficy historian use a native connector.

I’ll have a look on the Ignition SDK…

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