Program Scope Tags on a CompactLogix L35E

I am having issues reading program scoped tags on a CompactLogix L35E V17.2. I am using Ignition 7.0.6 on a Windows 7 64-bit PC. There is no problem reading controller scoped tags, but program scoped tags seem to have almost random values in them. For example, I have one program scope tag called “Julian_Day” of type DINT that when I added it into my transaction group it briefly had the value 2147483647 but then changed to 0 (the actual value is 90).

I am using the OPC-UA 1.0.6 server.

I previously tested my application on a ControlLogix L55 V16.21 firmware and did not experience these issues.

Did you keep the same device name for the CompactLogix as the ControlLogix?

The tag information is cached in a file and if the processor tag information has changed then it has to be recreated. It can be recreated by clicking on the “refresh browse” link in the device section of the Gateway. Also, keep in mind that depending on the number of tags in the controller, it can take 1 to 45 seconds to read the new tag information.