Program Scoped PLC UDT Tags With Same Name

Ignition 8.0.15
Vision Designer
Rockwell L84S

I have a PLC program with Multiple UDT instances of the same name. i.e. they are program scoped in the PLC.
If I insert a new data type it asks for the tag name.
How do I parameterize this to be the program scoped tag?

I started doing it another way by just structuring my folders accordingly, then dragging and dropping the UDT folders from the OPC Browser, but this does not create a UDT instance.
It works, but I would prefer to have the UDT instance to drag and drop.

UDTs in Ignition do not automatically map to UDTs in your PLCs. In fact, the user-defined type in a Logix PLC is not actually exposed as a type to OPC clients. You are going to have to connect these up yourself. Probably should have a parameter in your Ignition UDT that will have the base OPC item path.

I have setup the UDTs in ignition and matching in ignition designer with the tags.
In fact, it seems the easiest (I have found) is to drop a UDT from the OPC browser and reconfigure the OPC item path for each tag.

Item path is currently:


So, I am assuming that I would add a parameter such as {PathToTag} before the instance name and this would be my program reference e.g. ‘Program:ToolX’.

Yes, and each tag in the Ignition UDT would have that plus a constant .MemberName.