Programatically Force Copy to User Fallback Cache

Hi All,

We’ll have a system with a central Ignition Gateway and many Ignition Edge installations on the same site. I would like the same users and roles set up on all servers but at the moment there is no option for AD.

I’ve looked to fallback cache as an option but this only triggers a copy on a fallback event.

Is there any way to trigger a copy of all user data manually, thinking a gateway script triggered on user data change or executed hourly.

Have you tried using a database user source?

Edge doesn’t permit database connections.

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Sounds like he’ll have to implement his idea for a user/roles ‘broadcast’ then?

Thanks, yeah I can’t use the database user source per Phil’s comment.

I’ve sent this in to support as well, will see if they have any ideas.

Unfortunately I might just have a single user logon for the edge instances, or a simple set of users. Not ideal for traceability though.

Or… full ignition installs everywhere! Very cost prohibitive for this project.

Is there any viable solution from the support yet? I have the same issue, and I wanted to check here before calling the support. TIA…

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Hi atay. No nothing yet, come back if you find something!

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