Programmable Device Simulator - any way to configure via script?

Good Afternoon,

I’m attempting to use a Programmable Device Simulator in my gateway in order to simulate various patterns for equipment we work with out in the field. Ideally I’d like to allow a user to configure the values through the vision client and have those configurations (BrowsePath, ValueSource, TimeInterval, etc.) be uploaded to the Programmable Device Simulator via a script, rather than having to manually log into the gateway configurations page and upload a .csv file. Is this at all possible?


No that isn’t possible now, but we do have an internal ticket open for eventually adding that capability to the system.device.addDevice function.

I should add that it’s not entirely clear at this point if custom programs will be supported when that work is complete, or just those that are pre-defined. However I can say that it’s definitely under consideration and knowing that there’s value in it could make a difference. I’ve added your scenario to the ticket for when that work begins.

Thanks for letting me know. Yeah, if there was a way to input a csv file or a dataset to a Programmable Device Simulator through script that would be perfect. I’ll find a workaround for the time being.