Programmable Device Simulator - Multiple tag values per second?

Is it possible to simulate tag changes faster than 1 second per read using the Programmable Device Simulator? E.g. Simulate a square wave that alternates between 0-1 4x per second?

I’ve tried a number of methods, but haven’t been successful. I’m trying to simulate a square wave with 4 periods per second, and I’ve got a memory tag counting up each time a change is registered to my wave tag.

I first tried setting a device instruction with Square(0,1,1,true), setting the device base rate to 250ms, and setting the client poll rate to 100 within the project properties. The client seems to still only capture tag changes every second though, so the Program Counter tag increases by 4 every second and any tag changes that fall on time intervals between the updates aren’t registered at all by the client, and my count only increases once per second.

I also tried changing the device base rate back to 1000ms, and setting the device instruction to Square(0,1,0.25,true), but the client didn’t seem to register the tag changing at all. So the count never increased.

Is there a limit built into the simulator that prevents sub-second time intervals?

For context: I’m trying to simulate a process to test a new reporting system. The process normally takes hours, but I’d rather not wait hours to run a real-time simulation every time I test a change. If I could run my prebuilt simulation instructions at an accelerated speed, that’ll really speed up the testing process.

What version are you running?

Try this syntax when setting your simulator tag to:
square(0.0, 1.0, 250.0, true)

And then when you add a tag in the Designer be sure to add a new Tag Group with a direct rate of 250 ms and assign that group to the tag (version 8+). If you are on version 7.9, try adding a Direct scan class of 250 ms.