Programmatically cancelling edit of numeric text field

I am using a table control to display data from our database, and as the user changes the selected row, I have a number of other controls on the screen that are updated based on the data in the selected row (I use these other controls for editing data). I use the propertyChange event of the table, and then code the new values for the numeric text fields based on the selected row. The problem is that if I am editing one of the numeric text fields, and then before hitting enter, I click on a different row on the table, the value in the numeric text field remains the same edited value I had just entered, rather than being updated by the code. It is as if the code runs before the edit is cancelled on the numeric text field. Is there any way to force the edit to be cancelled prior to writing another value to the numeric text field? I’m open to hearing whatever solution(s) will work. Thanks!

I would try changing the property on the text field called defer update. see if that fixes your issue.

Thanks Jonathan, you got me close enough. Since it is a numeric text field, there is no “Defer Updates” property, but rather a “Reject Updates During Edit” property that seems like it will do the job. I wasn’t aware of those properties. Thanks again!