Progress Bar Colors in Vision 8.1

I’m in the process of migrating our 7.9 projects to 8.1.1.

I have a number of progress bars that are overlaid on a background image. In 7.9 I set the transparency of the background to 0 to achieve full transparency so only the foreground color was visible.

In 8.1 this seems to not be possible. No matter the color I set the background to, the transparency will just turn the background into white xxx,xxx,xxx,0

And another caveat, no matter the selected color, if I adjust the transparency of the foreground color it will turn it into a blue color instead of transparent.

I’m sure this is not a new design feature. I’m hoping that a ticket can be submitted to fix this problem please.


Looks like a known issue.

We’re close to integrating a new Swing Look-and-Feel which, while it won’t look a lot different in most use cases, solves a ton of bugs (like this) with various components in Vision. If all goes well, that could go into any of the next few 8.1.x releases.

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